A lot has happened since I last chimed in. I'll go over it all with blinding terseness.

  • My wife and I are expecting another life form.
  • We hired Robert Treat, who is an awesome addition to the OmniTI team.
  • We moved offices. The new offices are awesome.
    • Cavalier screwed us and blamed it on Verizon (and they are probably right to do so). We have no PRI line, so the phone situation will be entirely inadequate for the next week or so.
    • The equipment move went a lot slower than expected. Three 18-hour days -- I'm tired.
  • I got GPRS workin via bluetooth through my PEBL. The T-mobile fella on the phone walked me through the process and I asked if I could publish the step-by-step guide on the Internet and he said his manager said "no." No wonder my bill is so high, they have to pay that retard.
  • Zoe started preschool.
  • Lisa started teaching art again.
  • I got my first royalty check from my book. If anyone tells you to not write books for the money, listen to them. I'm not complaining as my expectations were set reasonably. I am excited that people are actually buying my book. (I hear it kicks ass, you should buy it too).
  • I want to sell my stellar drum set to buy a Roland V-Pro set, but the price differential is high. Still contemplating that.
  • We still have a lot of positions open at OmniTI.


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