I was born in 1978 and was a military brat. My formative primary education took place in Howard County, Maryland. I skipped a few grades and in 1994 I matriculated to The Johns Hopkins University where I started pursuing a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics; neither of which were achieved. In 1997, I received my B.S.E. in Computer Science and entered the Ph.D. program in the Center for Networking and Distributed Systems. 1998 rolled around delivering me my M.S.E. in Computer Science where I focused on graphics and randomized algorithms in distributed systems. I went on to research resource allocation techniques in distributed systems during four years of post-graduate work where in 2003 I was asked to leave the Ph.D. program, but that story is only told after you buy me a beer.

I started dating my future wife in 1995. We were quasi-high-school sweethearts. Note: I wasn’t in high school. Four years later, we were married. Fun fact: we eloped, but most people at our wedding had no idea. Together Lisa and I have three wonderful daughters.

I love food. In particular, I love meat. I thoroughly enjoy a great number of vices including fine scotches, bourbons, whiskeys, beer, wine, cigars and bacon.

I practice Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu 1 and Ninjutsu martial arts.


After a very brief stint doing government contracting and watching my soul seep out through my pores, I quit and started my own business.

My mother and I founded OmniTI in 1997 where I was the CEO for 17 years. Two years after starting OmniTI, I was joined by my brother George. In 2008, we spun off a digital messaging company called Message Systems which later became Sparkpost. In 2009 we started a company called Fontdeck to bring richer typography to the web. In 2010, we spun off a company called Circonus to change the world of systems montioring to be more data driven.

In 2014, I stepped down as CEO at OmniTI to focus on Circonus.

From July 2015 until March 2016, I took a sabbatical to travel the world with my family.


I am very active with the ACM 2 I sit on the ACM Professions/Practitioners Board and the ACM Queue Editorial board.

I wrote a book on Scalable Internet Architectures and the first chapter of Web Operations.

I’ve spoken at over 100 industry events and conferences; some of which are listed on my Lanyrd speaking profile.

  1. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a mixed martial art based on teachings of Masaaki Hatsumi of Japan.
  2. The ACM is the Association for Computing Machinery and the oldest professional organization dedicated to computer science. Its mission is to advancing computing as a science and profession. [return]