Weather Yonder

A while back, Lisa and I bought plot of land in West Virginia called “Schloss Hollow.” Our goals were both epic and vague. We wanted a place all our own that our children would enjoy and come back to later in life with their kids. This place is wonderful and I remain amazed at how effectively and efficiently it recharges my soul. The mobile reception out here is weak, slow and spotty.

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Business is king. Customers rule. Service is everything. Yet every organization I go into has an engineering group that can’t see outside their bubble. Perhaps they can, but they certainly choose not to. I’m an engineer, I write code. I’ve written approaching 100k lines of C code in my life time, I’ve administered tens of thousands of systems in my career and I’ve help plan some of the largest customer-facing infrastructure ever built.

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I used to export data into Excel and do linear regressions on it… How I have no need. I am happier person and people like me more. Here’s how we made capacity planning easier for everyone.

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Theo Schlossnagle

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CEO - Circonus

Maryland, USA