Get your Solaris 5.11... sorta. OpenSolaris is finally a secret no longer. Many months of hard work by a small team of people (mostly at Sun) has produced an almost completely open future development branch of the truly enterprise class operating system we all know an love (or least me and it's my blog) Solaris! Solaris has been in my life since I started computing in college in 1994.

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We do alot of software builds on various Solaris versions. One thing we find frustrating is that during a typical build process many processes are invoked via shell scripts and makefiles etc and isaexec takes over for all the multi-architecture packages -- it's bad. So... say I'm building a a software product (and of course are rolling sparcv8, sparcv9, i386, and amd64). By simply setting the compiler flags and linker flags appropriately and we can get our binaries for the appropriate architecture.

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