The Domain So, at the $DAYJOB, we were faced with building a large operational data store. Large has many meanings to many people. I’ve written about this before, but I’ll reiterate the scope: (> 1TB data, thousands of tables, several tables with around one billion rows). So, for a variety of reasons, we chose PostgreSQL. I’ve written about that choice a few times, but didn’t write about the choice to use Solaris.

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Beware of strace

So I have this app… And it appears to be misbehaving. I can’t tell quite what it is blocking on (or momemtarily pausing on) as the case may be just by staring at top or its log files. It’s supposed to perform around 300 message submissions per second and appears to be doing like 30. So, where’s the problem? Or more importantly, how do we find the problem? DTrace is the right answer of course, but I’m on Linux and FreeBSD here.

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