title: “A little wind damage” date: 2003-09-29T01:38:00-04:00

type: post

I am a little late in posting this, but I have been busy. Hurricane Isabel hit us last week and it was pretty crazy. It lasted only a single day here in Maryland, but was sandwiched between other very wet weather patterns.

1.2 million people in Maryland lost power, many for up to seven days. Massive flooding in basements made for a pretty nasty mess. Lisa and I were lucky. We had no trees fall on our house (despite backing 23 acres of woods), our basement didn't flood and our roof didn't leak (despite needing replacement).

We did lose power on Thursday night and got it back Sunday night. The lack of power was pretty rough. No frig and no freezer make it hard to eat well as we are used to cooking frozen foods like steak and chicken breasts. We capitalized on our close-by relatives for several meals.

The rest of our neighborhood didn't fare so well. We lost 8 trees throughout the neighboorhood:

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