ApacheCon has come and gone once again this year. It was held in the Alexis Park resort. For those who thought anything would be an improvement upon the facilities of last year's conference, you were wrong.

To prove that geeks cannot be stopped, the conference was still a blast as almost 400 geeks decended upon Las Vegas in an entirely unnoticed fury. Many good conversation, tutorials and sessions were to be had. Good drink, good food and good company.

Several people from the conference requested that I post my slides here, so here they are (in large PDF form).

  • Scalable Internet Architectures
    Abstract: We will discuss both good and bad design methodologies for building new sites, scaling growing sites up and scaling shrinking sites down. Primarily example-based, the presentation will show the progression from anecdotal conclusions to real-world practical results and often how the two are askew. We will discuss in detail three distinct and related problems in clustered web architectures: 1. high availability and load balancing 2. caching static and dynamic content 3. distributed logging and troubleshooting
  • Clustered Logging with mod_log_spread
    Abstract: Logging is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of managing web architectures. Logs provide crucial information on traffic, trends, visitors and, most importantly, unexpected behaviour. Troubleshooting malfunctions and understanding trends in real-time is much more difficult in a clustered environment. A concise, unified logging infrastructure is crucial. This session will introduce mod_log_spread and the glorious things that can be done with it.

Rumors of ApacheCon 2005 Europe were flittering about. I very much enjoyed the last European ApacheCon and look forward to the opportunity to bring these well received presentations to a new audience.