Howdy folks,

This is a reminder that our monthly meetup is scheduled to take place this coming MONDAY, August 11th. As requested, we've moved the meetings from Wednesday to Monday to facilitate some of the would-be-attendees that have contacted me out of band.

This month's presentation is titled "The essential PostgreSQL.conf". With almost 200 configuration parameters, some people might think the postgresql.conf is a bit heady, but the truth is there are only about 2 dozen that you really need for everyday use. This talk will discuss the different types of configuration settings, and give an overview of the ones you'll want to know when running PostgreSQL. Speakers for the talk are Greg Smith, Software Engineer at Truviso, and Robert Treat, Database Architect at OmniTI.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

 2008-08-11 @ 6:30pm OmniTI 7070 Samuel Morse Dr. Ste 150 Columbia, MD 21046 

Best regards,