So, for a long time we have supported FreeBSD as a deployment platform for our MTA. It ran okay under 4-stable, but didn't perform as well as Linux or Solaris or Windows due to that lack of good non-userspace threading. FreeBSD 5.4 was a godsend... or was it?

Now that we have a few internal beta in "high capacity" environments, we are seeing FreeBSD 5.4 kernel panics all over the place (can't keep any of the mahcines up for more than a few hours (sometimes a few minutes). So, I love me some BSD, but I'm too busy to deal with these issues. As it so happens we have a job opening on our core engineering team (bad-ass C mojo required). So, FreeBSD kernel hackers, please apply! Aside from working on FreeBSD, you'll get to play with some pretty wicked technologies that implement the fastest MTA on Earth as well as some truly innovative high-availability and data replication.

Now accepting resumes at jobs @