I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Josh Ownes over at Webpulp.tv about all sorts of things. It’s rare that I get time to sit down and think about all the crazy stuff we do at OmniTI let alone talk about it. Aside from a camera angle that is quite odd and very poor picture quality, the interview is really nice. While I typically don’t watch or listen to my own media events (it’s eerie), in this interview I actually enjoyed listening from start to end because it is a fairly fun list of wild and crazy things we to at OmniTI in unconventional depth.

Almost everything Josh and I talk about happened this year! And it’s only half over! 2010 is really the “year of awesome” for innovation at OmniTI. We did cheat a bit by having several exciting things hidden in the oven nearing the end of 2009.

If you want to know what I do and what OmniTI does on a daily basis, I think this interview gives a lot of insight.