Wez Furlong wrote an interesting piece on “seven thing” you may not know about him. He singled me out… (er… sevened me out)… as someone he’d like to know seven things about. I figured this would be a fun reflective journey down memory lane, so here goes…

  1. My good friend Aaron gave me the nick-name Jesus in college – it stuck. Though I’ve had many many hairstyles before and since (including the ever-popular flat top).
  2. I studied electrical engineering at The Johns Hopkins University, but accidently satisfied the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in computer science and was graduated without my E.E. degree.
  3. I finished each of middle school, high school, my undergraduate degree, and my graduate degree one year sooner than expected.
  4. I married the love of my life at the age of twenty.
  5. I created a MIG-29 flight game on Apple IIe when I was ten. And the went to run my own BBS on my Packard Bell 286.
  6. I have bad circulation, so my feet are always cold… really, really cold.
  7. I enjoy using my hands to create and change things. Mostly home construction like renovations, landscaping (before / after), etc. My next career will be carpentry or landscaping.

I’m supposed to chain seven people that I’d enjoying know seven things about. If figure that even if these people don’t buy into this distraction, at least they’d be flattered that I thought of them.

and the rules:

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