So, every once in a while I go on a T-shirt kick. Lisa hates it because I have 10 drawers full of T-shirts at home and then there are those that are in the hamper and in the wash and staged to to be re-drawered. I have a lot of shirts. Some are over 15 years old. Many are from conferences. They are my little bit of nostalgia.

A couple of us were sitting around listing out the various PostgreSQL services that OmniTI provides. This list is long and needs to go through a bit of marketing massage. But at the end, I decided it really was just that we have mad SQiLz℠.

Of course, one cannot reasonably put "Mad SQiLz℠" on a piece of marketing literature and expect it to go over well. There is the world of Guerrilla Marketing and it will fit right in there!

Result? T-shirts and someone said I should copyright or trademark SQiLz℠, However, it better fits as a service mark. After all, it is what we do.

Awesome T-shirts design, I'm totally stoked. I'll be sure to wear mine at OSCON this year -- look for it.