The CFPs have been rolling in for Surge 2011; these are exciting times. It does, however, appear that our description of what we’re looking for has produced a different set of submissions that what I expected. I think it might help to better understand what sessions were like last year and, luckily, we’ll be releasing all of the Surge 2010 video footage this week. I apologize for the poor audio quality, we intend to pull in A/V recording professionals this year.

We’ve received some great proposals! However, a surprising amount of them are presentations about products. This conference is about problems and their solutions. It is a conference for practitioners by practitioners. Blood… in the mud. I want to (as we did last year) share our struggles for better collective experience.

Emphasis: Accepted proposals will demonstrate real-life scalability challenges and creative solutions. We love case studies and learning from our mistakes.

As such, with this context, I’m extending the Surge 2011 CFP deadline to April 17th.