So, I have this VAIO and it's pretty nice. I have WinXP, FreeBSD 5.4, Solaris 10 and Linux RHFC 4 running on it. Windows supports everything (of course). Linux supports most things, but can't seem to ACPI suspect which makes it close to useless. FreeBSD either. Solaris doesn't have a wireless driver for the built-in controller, so it's pointless to run that.

But... I have VMWare, so I can run Windows and use all the features, and then boot VMs to rn each of my other OSes. What's wrong with this? Nothing in particular. However, I do need to know how to use Win XP to accomplish this. And therein lies the crux. I have no Windows Kung-Fu. ZERO.

So, I set about trying to learn about this Windows thing with a pretty open mind. The vast majority of things I have trouble with are the shortcuts -- I just don't know them. I've install some of the power tools, and that's helped a bit. But, at the end of the day, things are just different and it hurts.

So... I need wireless drivers for Solaris and ACPI S1,2,3,4 suspend working... Or, I need linux ACPI suspend working. This is just very awkward.