A Call to Humanism

A letter to my fellow humans, Names can be deceiving. Earlier this year there was a suggestion from some citizens of the United States that preventing Muslims from entering the country would we be a good response to current threats against the American people. It has bothered me so tremendously over the last few months that I’ve felt tormented. Recently, I had an epiphany and I though I’d share my moment of clarity.

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I love my country. My sense of patriotism has grown since I was a child to what it is today. I can't imagine being a citizen in any other country (I hope all foreign nationals feel the same about their country). What does it really mean to be a patriot? Patriotism is support of your country... I believe my country was founded on a principal of liberty. Liberty is the state of being free from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life or behavior (or political views).

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Theo Schlossnagle

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