It has been commonly said that all web applications are glorified guest books. While we all know this not to be true, I think that this has evolved into a more recent conjecture that most web applications are glorified blogs.

Now, it takes between five and thirty minutes to set up a blog using one of the preexisting blog software packages out there. Most of them are pretty straight forward as well. So, if I said that one of the most complicated web apps I've seen in a long time is a blog, you'd likely laugh in my face.

Laugh away.

This site violates pretty much every rule of web UI design. The content on the site is not information as much as it is a bunch of people arguing about current events and the righteousness of public opinion. It's a blargument(TM). Very strange.

I'm a bit biased, as it was developed here at the $DAYJOB. With respect to the technical side, there were a few intensely challenging aspects to the project. As for the DHTML involved, to quote some old dude, "something wicked this way comes."

Take a look, if you can survive the outright attack on the senses, it is clever and punchy on both the concept level and technical level.