As many people already know, I'm a big fan of DTrace. Well, today I attended dtrace.conf(08) -- the first (un)conference revolving around planet DTrace. It was awesome. Many people who know me well have heard me say, "my good days are when I'm the dumbest person in the room." That's not to be confused with "I like having bad days." Instead, I like to be at my best and still struggle to keep up. Here at dtrace.conf(08), the people here are damn smart -- a bunch of higher level thinking.

I gave a demo of the PostgreSQL stuff we do using dtrace. I put back my SDT postgres probes into our internal packaging systems -- I hope that I can get those back into PostgreSQL soon... I talked very briefly about the ZFS magic we've experienced, but as the conference was focused intensely on DTrace, I saved most of that for PostgreSQL Conference East 08.

As usual, I particularly enjoyed Bryan Cantril's infectious excitement and pungent humor. I'd like to thank Sun and the DTrace Team for running the conference (as well as the sponsors). I really appreciate the effort. DTrace has empowered OmniTI to make our customers more successful. Hands-down awesome technology.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. ZFS and DTrace are the most impressive operating system advances I've seen this decade.