First, I’m an amateur. But, I’m avid, regular, and profficient. I smoke meat because I like to eat the meats I smoke. I smoke meat often, because I like to do that often.

I’ve tried a wide variety of smokers and smoking techniques. I have not, though intend to do so in the future, tried an actual hanging smoke house. I’ve used manual feed side boxes, Green Eggs, gas grills with cast-iron chip boxes, and electric smokers. So… what do I use? I use a Bradley Vertical Electric Smoker. Many say this is sacrilegious… too bad. I lead a busy life and the Bradley is a reliable work horse. I do occassionally do something else as a one-off, but day-to-day I trust my Bradley.


I’ll occassionally update this post with anachronistic links to future recipes around smoking things… and they might even be dishes that aren’t meat!