These are vibram five fingers:

However, I have syndactyly affecting both of my feet.

I love the idea of having my toes separated which is why I prefer barefoot so much more than shoes. Vibram five fingers have always appealed to me. However, I cannot wear them. I wrote Vibram and asked for a pair of shoes to cut up and make acceptable for all the people with toes like mine, but they seemed completely uninterested.

This weekend, I finally took the risk and bought shoes I cannot even try on. And here is my short, simple and successful journey.

First I cut down the side walls between the second and third toes. I trimmed the fabric a few millimeters from the rubber sole and about four millimeters from the top seam (where grey meets black). Stopping here gives me wearable shoes that would collect rocks and offer a separation of the sole between the second and third toes that would be quite uncomfortable to walk in after a while.

The next part lack photography as the working space was very small and I couldn't take any solid pictures. However, I used grey embroidery thread to loop-stich the two toe soles together from the inside leaving the bottom attached:

Then I did my best at a plait stitch (which I'll admit I did poorly) across the top of the toes from seam to seam:

And then I can slip my darling feet into them:

All in all, this took about an hour for the first shoe and about a half hour of the second shoe. I'm pleased. It turned out well. These are my Vibram "syndactyly-enabled" Four Fingers.